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Creative ideas and strategic actions come together to build iconic brands.


Implement the technology you need to help grow your business.

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Web Design

With a focus on our client's needs, we design high-quality websites that grow your audience and your business

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Content, design, and strategy. That's what. it takes to attract loyal followers and build trusted brands.

Web Development

The technical skills needed to create high performing websites.

eCommerce Development

Need a website to sell on? Look no. further, we are here to help

Search Engine Optimization

Create context around your brand so your audience knows who you are and what you do.


Let us capture your moment, each image we take is a memory we share with you.

Logo Design

Have an idea? Let us bring it to life, your business can not exist without a logo your audience can identify with.

Business Analytics

Need a successful website? We got you covered. Analyzing your website’s traffic will help you understand how your audience is interacting with your content.

Designing Real Digital Brands

For almost a decade, I have designed multiple digital platforms for entrepreneurs, small businesses, and non-profit organizations

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About the Developer

DLDigital is a platform I created for myself to showcase my passions and hard work ethic. Ever since I reprogrammed my first computer to play high-resolution video games, using technology to solve problems has always been my first love. Growing up in Queensbridge, New York City, the largest housing development in the world, I always felt I had a personal connection to hip-hop culture. Maybe it was because I literally grew up in the same apartment as New York veteran rapper and entrepreneur Nas, or maybe it was because everyone in the neighborhood felt affiliated to some rap group from there? Either way, I felt connected to the culture and wanted to do something to contribute to it.

In 2013, after I took a web design class at Queensborough Community College, I launched my first website, FreshBread.TV. It was a blog site I created, to help local musicians make a name for themselves and attract more fans to their music. It was a hit! within a few days, hundreds of people were visiting the site to see and listen to Queensbridge. After realizing I developed a product that was considered highly valuable, I used the opportunity to find myself an internship at the college's marketing and communications department, where I honed my web development skills under the guidance of their web services director.

After graduating with my Associate in Applied Science degree, I've helped businesses in various industries with my web design skills including; politics, construction, and entertainment. DLDigital isn't just, a platform to show the work I produce, it's also my main tool to help the next person or business become dominant in their line of work.


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