Jay-Z is reportedly stepping in to help a Phoenix, Arizona family with legal assistance after a video recently surfaced of the police drawing their guns on an African-American child for stealing a $1 Barbie doll.

The incident happened back in May 2019. Dravon Ames and his fiancee Iesha Harper were shopping at a Family Dollar when their 4-year old child picked up a Barbie doll unbeknownst to the parents. After leaving the store, they drove to an apartment complex when they were approached by a couple of angry police officers who threatened to kill them.

“I’m going to put a cap right in your head” One of the police officers yelled to the family.

According to the Fox News 10 report published on Saturday (June 15), the couple has filed a $10 million lawsuit and plan to pursue child neglect complaints against the officers who acted out. Jay-Z has put the lawyer Alex Spiro on the case.

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