American gangster Frank Lucas was pronounced dead due to natural causes according to sources.

“Frank Lucas was an American drug kingpin who operated in Harlem during the late 1960s and early 1970s. After removing five assassination contracts out on Frank Lucas because of robberies and shootings, Bumpy Johnson began to mentor young frank and taught him the ways of how to survive in the streets of Harlem.

After several years of working with Bumpy Johnson, the tenacious Frank earned his respect and became Bumpy’s personal driver.

“I worked for Bumpy Thirteen Years nine months and 8 days and every day I was driving him. When Bumpy got home he did not take the streets into the house with him. He told me when you get to the door, leave it outside do not bring nothing home with you. He died in my arms.”

While watching the news, Frank learned about American soldiers in Vietnam using drugs during the peak of the Vietnam war. After learning about a pure drug in another country, Frank saw it as an opportunity to go to Vietnam and cut a deal to enter into the drug business.

“I went over to Bangkok and found out I really didn’t need much money over there. They wanted four thousand two hundred dollars a key. Over here they were paying sixty to seventy thousand for it.”

Frank met with a government official who told him “He can get me anything I want.” While negotiating with the officer Frank wanted 300 kilograms of cocaine imported for him. The government officer showed him the drugs and the blueprint to how he was going to transport it back to the United States and that’s when Frank started to build his enterprise.

“My name is Frank Lucas and I live that life”

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