Microsoft Office Specialist–Pass an exam in a specific Office program to earn a Microsoft Office Specialist certification. In each virtual, self-paced course you will learn essential technological skills with expert guidance and personalized feedback—for free.

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Do you need high-speed internet at home for your child’s schoolwork or for your own research? WiFi hotspots are now available for loan at many Queens Public Library locations. Devices may be checked out for two, with up to five optional renewals

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Non-fungible tokens, also known as NFT are a new type of digital asset that is recorded in a digital ledger through the same technology used to monitor bitcoin called the blockchain. You can shop for them online through various marketplaces too!

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Brand Development

Creative ideas and strategic actions come together to build iconic brands.


Implement the technology you need to help grow your business.

Digital Marketing

The main component you need to get your business seen all over the internet.

Web Design

With a focus on our client's needs, we design high-quality websites that grow your audience and your business.

Social Media Marketing

Content, design, and strategy. That's what. it takes to attract loyal followers and build trusted brands.

Web Development

The technical skills needed to create high-performing websites.

eCommerce Development

Need a website to sell on? Look no. further, we are here to help

Search Engine Optimization

Create context around your brand so your audience knows who you are and what you do.


Let us capture your moment, each image we take is a memory we share with you.

Logo Design

Have an idea? Let us bring it to life, your business can not exist without a logo your audience can identify with.

Business Analytics

Need a successful website? We got you covered. Analyzing your website’s traffic will help you understand how your audience is interacting with your content.


DLDigital is an independent contracting company dedicated to helping small businesses and entrepreneurs solve industry-leading problems by providing fast and efficient technological solutions.

Address: 40th Ave & Vernon Blvd Long Island City NY, 11101

Email: Derrick@dldigital.online